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5 Steps to better UX

1. Know your users - The most basic principle of interaction design is to meet the user's needs. As an UX designer you have to understand and determine the user’s requirements. you are looking to create a design that clearly meets the user needs at the moment they need it. There are many ways and tools to help us identify the user's needs. For examples, Give names to our users and start build their characters, observing user behaviour, analyzing data, building user scenarios ect.

2. Consistency - In order to reduce the time for the user to know and understand you app, you have to keep your consistency of your ux, to use the consistent performance, stay with familiar functions and scenes, operation, and feeling in a product. Even if we look at “facebook”, for example. you can obviously guess their all app based on one color - Blue.

3. Use simple language - Users are not a designer or a developer, most of them do not understand the design concept and development process, the language and text of the product must be easy to understand and very close to general user's thoughts. very important not to you technical terms, instead use known icons, simple language, even explain a bit more. We have to keep in mind users are busy, they need to understand fast and not to start analyzing - think of your user as a middle class user. not stupid, but just doesn’t like to think too much.

4. Error prevention - Even better than good error messages is a careful design which prevents a problem from occurring in the first place. Asking the user if he is sure that he wants to delete the data, or what to do with the unsaved changes before closing the file. don’t hesitate to use pop up for “chatting “ with your user.

5. Minimize user memory - Make objects, actions, and options visible. The user should not have to remember information from one part of the dialogue to another. Don’t let him think too much. It’s always better to suggest the user a set of options than to let user remember and type the whole thing all over again. Showing an icon with text is better than showing text alone. The icon can easily explain the user the meaning, sometime more than words.

Let’s start give our users the right experience!

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