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Why is it important to put an effort in mobile application and web design?

When you go shopping , you won’t go with your PJ, right? Same here… you have to make sure your mobile or desktop application looks attractive and beautiful. In the digital world we are leaving it is not enough  to enter public awareness or give away to most needed service,  equally important and perhaps even more important is to be sure you have absolutely nice design to achieve some important goals.

Designing an application is important today not just for companies and commercial entities. Apps of nonprofit and private apps also need to be properly designed.

Keep on surfing

Research on websites, applications, surfers, and website traffic says that most sites and apps that the average user surf in or download are abandoned after a few seconds - users easily click and move to another site or app, it’s even easier than changing to another TV channel.

Web site and applications design, then, is the first step to attract the user, stimulate his curiosity and accelerate his exploration of the site or app and its content. A websiteor app that is not eye-catching and without curiosity will quickly become irrelevant.

Convenient user experience  and interface Even a site that is intriguingly designed and the one that inspires the user to explore its content - is still far from perfect. Proper design of a site at this point must relate to the surfer experience or in other words - the user experience. Most websites  want the user to do different actions, such as switching between different content pages, commenting, leaving details, requesting more information. In order to achieve each of these goals, the site must be properly designed, with a proper user interface, with a proper and convenient order to switch between different categories and content, with clear user-design and intuitive design. This aspect that looks very simple on paper requires a fair amount of characterization, image layout, logo design, headings, margins, and so on. Design and branding After getting a well-designed website, one that also arouses the curiosity of the surfer, one that also guarantees a quality and comfortable browsing experience and that the transition between the different content where easy, simple and convenient, should move to the next step. This step relates to the design of the site in a way that is consistent with the branding of the client or the one that transmits the general message with which the site owner wants to be identified. A luxury watch website, for example, will strive for its site to radiate quality and be in line with the brand spirit and style of the logo. A baby products website, on the other hand, will strive for a soft and intimate, family or maternal design and not too condescending or sophisticated.

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