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FAQs that I've been asked

  1. As a UI/UX designer, what are the 4 most influential activities that you are doing? Me: Research (interviewing, survey, personas) Wireframe (userflow) Testing (target audience and whoever I can) Analyzing- How the user responded to the product

  2. As a UI/UX designer, please write the ideal process for a new project? Me: After understanding the basic of the users and the brand (what is the problem and what do I need to solve), I’l start a RESEARCH by interviewing targeted audience, Make surveys, have a list of user personas, and then start to actually build out the DESIGN: site map, user flow, mockups, images, icons, palette.  Basically create a wireframe.  Launching and making sure the developers did the job well  and TESTING - observing my target audience using the actual product, and giving it to the team to test it out as well. And at the end,  ANALYZING again - how did the users respond to the product, did it solve the problem, what and where were the pain points, where can i improve the product. Did the user find his way easily to the ending point.

  3. Please describe how do you currently work with Product Managers, Business owners, and dev. Me: The product manager will give me a brief on the the project, what are the most important issues to take in consideration and how she sees the project in her head, then I do my research and start building the wireframe, back and forth with the project manager and the owner, listening to each others ideas and understanding of the project, designing it and then uploading to Zeplin for the developers and make sure they understand it all right and of course checking their work and make sure it’s done correctly and the business owner is happy (sometimes need to convince him which way is better with my understanding).

  4. Do you think you should know the business goals before you start a new project? Me: Of course. knowing the business goals will help me make the best wireframe and give the best solution for each problem. It happened to me few times that I had ideas that the project owner didn’t think about and after I told him things to add he was surprised and agreed.

  5. Please describe the main challenges when designing a new feature in an existing product. Me: When designing a new feature to an existing product the main challenge after we know what do we need to improve is to make sure we succeed improving the feature and make it more user friendly but yet staying in the design language of the project, and of course managing timeline.

  6. Who is in charge of testing the implementation? How are you involved? Me: After we have a beta and I checked the dev were following the spec,  we give the product to few different target audience to check it out and test it. As the ui ux design I have to be next to them to see how they deal with the product and if they find their way easily and mange to work with the product, if they have any open questions or they don’t understand something or how to proceed from one point to the other. In summary I have to analyze the user experience and improve where there is a need.

  7. How do you know if the UX is working well? Me:First making wireframes and flow chart. After beta is launched,  analyzing the target audience and making sure the users reach the “end” and got what they needed, or in other words,  the product gave its solution to the users easily and fast I can tell the ux is working well. (but there are always ways to improve it..)

  8. In your experience, what are the main challenges when working with Product managers, with Dev.? Me: Look and feel conflicts -  Everybody has their own opinion on how the product UI should look like and most of the conflicts with PM  is around those cases. As for developers - sometimes the design is hard to implement and they will try to get away from it sometimes.

  9. What is your experience in Responsive design? Me: I have made a few responsive websites. few landing pages. for example: skilpe - online teaching website. And nowadays I’m  designing “Geektime” - the leading tech online magazine in Israel.  I'm also building webs with Elementor which gave me and thought me many ideas of responsive ways to show the mobile site (sometimes of course I had to build it in a responsive way differently from the web.

  10. What is your experience in designing Mobile Apps? Me: I have made quit a few Mobile apps. some I had to design for iOS and Android. Some I had to make the UX for them as well as the design.Some of the mobile apps I designed  from app icon to launching them to the store, like screenshots, a feature graphic, and a high resolution icons.

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